Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last week Alexis started practicing for the Exhibition this coming up Sunday with her Cheerleader Squad. She's been so excited about it. Sunday morning on our way to church one of the other Mom's called and was discussing the song the girls were going to dance/cheer to. It's "When I Grow Up" by the Pussycat Dolls. The other Mom (who I'll call "M" from here on out) said the chorus went as following:
When I grow up
I wanna be famous
I wanna be a star..........
I wanna have boobies

I totally do not want my child dancing or cheering that! I was really upset when she told me. I know my kids are exposed to a lot of stuff at school that I do not find appropriate. Believe me, I know this. But I did not pay all this money for her to dance/cheer to something like this! I want her to aspire to be somebody important, not have a good figure! There's already enough pressure on girls to look good. So, I talked to Alexis about the whole thing. I asked her if it was more important to her for her to participate in the Exhibition or for her to live a live honoring God. She agreed living a live honoring God was much more important. I told her that I was going to have to talk to Margo (her coach) on Tuesday and let her know that I would not allow Alexis to participate if that was the song they would perform to. Alexis wasn't ecstatic about that, but she agreed. (Like she had a choice really.) Monday at work I looked up the lyrics to the song so I could take them with me to talk to Margo on Tuesday. The song says "I wanna have GROUPIES" not boobies!!! "M" was mistaken. This made me feel a little better. Margo has agreed to "splice" that part out though.

I was really proud of Alexis for how she dealt with the whole thing. She really does enjoy cheerleading. And she's really good at it.

The Date part 2

Last night while the girls and I were watching the election coverage, Ely (blind date guy) called. We actually talked for quite awhile. He really is nice. He kept asking me questions about Jennifer's wedding and what not. He finally said he would be honored to attend the wedding with me. I didn't really know how to tell him that I already had a date for the wedding. I did tell him. I tried to do it as nicely as possible too. Here's the thing, with my current date for the wedding, I don't feel any pressure at all! We're friends. And I won't feel like I have to be around him all evening. He'll know other people there so I won't be the only person he knows. Really Taylor is more of an escort than a date. Except I'm not paying him. He's just doing me a favor. But Ely did say that he would call me next week again so we could still go out to dinner. I told him after this Sunday, my schedule would become a lot less hectic.