Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Date

Cyndi requested an update on the date.

He hasn't called.

Therefore there has not been a date.

There that was fast. Jennifer says that I probably scared him, but I don't think so. I tried really hard to be nice to him. But whatever.

I'm going to my Mom's tomorrow to take the girls Trick or Treating, so knowing my Mom she'll invite him or someone else. Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing your Mom thinks you can't find your own date.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Early Voting is being held in my office this week and next. We have had such a good turn out! I'm registered to vote in Taylor County, but I moved to Callahan County after the "register to vote deadline", so I wasn't sure how or where I would be able to vote. As it turns out, I could vote in Taylor County still because I do still have stuff at my old address or I could vote here in Callahan County during early voting. But I could only vote on a "limited ballot". I could only vote on that pertained to both Taylor and Callahan Counties. Which is fine with me, I was really only worried about voting for the President. Anyways, at Life Group Brandi had said how she likes to wait until Election Day to vote. She likes all the excitement in the air and all. I prefer to go during Early Voting, I do not like long lines and big crowds of people. So, I was just wondering what everyone else prefers. Are you an Early Voter, or an Election Day voter?

For your reading enjoyment, I have included a conversation Anoe and I had the other when she was praying.

Anoe: Mom, who's the guy we want to win?

Me: What are you talking about? Just get done praying Anoe, we'll talk after you're done.

Anoe: No! The guy that we want to be Prisoner! (she can't say President very well)

Me: Oh, John McCain.

Anoe: Thanks. (back to praying) Lord please let The Cane win. I really like him. Thank you. Please let The Cane win! And the girl with him. My Mom likes her hair.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Monday before last (Oct. 13th) my Mom and her significant other (Symantha) met me in Abilene after my eye doctor appointment so we could get the rest of my stuff from my brothers garage and move it to my new house. We met about 1:00 pm and started moving everything right away. It was a nice cloudy cool day, but still moving stuff is hard work so I was getting a little hot. We loaded everything up in Symantha's truck and started on our way to Clyde. We unloaded everything and headed over to Jennifer's house so I could get my other couch that was in her living room/dining room taking up a lot of room she did not have to spare. By this time I'm really hot and sweaty! We got a bunch of stuff out of her storage building also. So now I'm hot, sweaty, and dirty! All of the stuff I hate!!! We unloaded everything and started putting everything together at my house. Symantha had been insistent that we go eat dinner at 5:00 in Abilene at Towne Crier. She said it was because she wanted to "beat the rush", I didn't care when we went. I was just hungry! Before going to Towne Crier we had to make a stop at United. So finally we're on our way to Towne Crier. We're sitting in the back dining area enjoying our salad when a guy that works with my Mom walks in. She says "Oh hi Ely, do you want to sit with us?" He's alone, I don't think anything of it. It's my Mom, she's weird.

On Monday nights at Towne Crier they have an all you can eat shrimp thing. So of course that's what I got. Well, there I am sitting next to some guy, not paying attention to him eating shrimp like it was nothing at all. I got a big ol' plate of boiled shrimp and was peeling the clear skin stuff and legs off. Totally unattractive like. OH! And don't forget that I'm still dirty and nasty from moving all day. My hair is up in a pony tail. I didn't even brush it before putting it up. It's just all matted looking. So when dinner is over, my Mom says she going to take the girls outside with her. Still nothing unusual going on. My Mom smokes and she always takes the kids outside with her when we go out to eat. Symantha says she has to go the bathroom, still nothing unusual. So it's just me and this guy at the table. I get up to leave, and say "It was nice to meet you", you know that polite I don't really care who you are thing. Well, as I'm leaving Symantha is coming out of the bathroom and motions for me to come in there. As soon as I walk in she says "You do realized we just blind dated you right?" I was like, No, with who? I didn't even pay attention to this guy! Symantha made me promise I wouldn't yell at my Mom. So we walk outside, and my Mom can tell right away that I know. She just starts acting all cute and trying to change the subject.

We still had to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to look for some cookware. My Mom and Symantha invited Ely (the blind date guy) to go with us. I was just like whatever. So while we're there, I see a bunch of candles and I go over to smell them. I love candles! And especially now that I live in a place that I can actually have candles, it's just great. So he comes over there and starts smelling them with me and tells me which ones he likes. It was a little awkward, but whatever. I wanted to go down to Ross to see if they had anything else that I would want instead of the stuff at Bed Bath & Beyond. On the walk down, I played a game with Anoe so I couldn't walk next to him. So he had to walk with my Mom & Symantha. While at Ross I never even saw him. I picked up an outfit for both of my girls for Jennifer's wedding but didn't find any cookware I wanted. Symantha went back down to Bed Bath & Beyond to get the other cookware I wanted. She said she would give the kids a ride over to my car (which was parked over by BB&B) so that Ely & I could walk back by ourselves. I swear he asked me like 5 different times about working in Clyde. "So you work in Clyde and just moved there?" which is fine to ask. But not 5 freakin' times in one conversation!!!!

Anyways, we say bye and it was nice to meet you again. A couple of days later Jennifer told me that my Mom told her that Ely said I was beautiful and asked for my number. My Mom of course gave it to him. Now remember when he met me, I was looking pretty bad! I had been moving all day. I was dusty, dirty, had matted hair up in a pony tail, and I'm sure I smelled pretty bad. I had been sweating most of the day. But for some crazy reason, he still thought I was beautiful and wanted my number. Maybe he needs better glasses.

This past Friday when I was at the Single Adults Conference he called, I told him I was at the conference and if he could call me back. He did call back Sunday while I was shopping with my friend Christy. He asked if he could take me out to dinner sometime. I said yes. I don't know how to nicely say no. Jennifer thinks I should go ahead and go out with him. You know to get practice. I haven't been on a date in almost 5 years. And let me tell you, those dates were not very good. But that's a story for another time. On the last date I went on 5 years ago, I was ready to call the police just because the guy wanted to hold my hand! I'll have to tell you this story sometime, but not today.

Why does my Mother feel the need to set me up with people? It makes me so angry!!! Really, I'm not that desperate yet. I still have 12 years before Anoe can even move out. If I'm still single in 12 years, then I'll entertain the idea of settling with someone I totally do not feel attracted to, until then why can't she just stop?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

update on the move

So as you know, I moved week before last. Every time I go home, I fall more and more in love with my new house! It's just great. I have almost everything unpacked and put up too. Really the only thing left is my room. I have a few clothes left at our old house in Abilene, but I'm planning on getting all of it this weekend. I cooked for the first time this past Sunday too. Well, I really just heated up a store bought pizza. But on Monday night I really cooked. Jennifer made spaghetti a couple of months back for my kids one night, but she didn't use regular old spaghetti noodles. She used penne pasta. My kids fell in LOVE with the stuff. So for our first official meal I made "Nennie Spaghetti". It's actually a little ridiculous how much Anoe loves the stuff. Whenever I ask her what she wants for dinner she always says "Nennie Spaghetti". I'm totally glad she likes something Jennifer made, but hello! I'm a really good cook too. Oh well, at least she's wanting something healthy instead of just junk food.

Alexis decorated our front porch the second day we were there. She did a really good job. She wasn't supposed to decorate until everything was unpacked though. But again, oh well.

The weather is getting so awesome! I love this cooler weather.

I have officially started counting down the days until Jennifer gets married. This has been a pretty hard journey for me. I've really struggled, but I am extremely happy that she is getting married to such a wonderful guy. Tony really is great for her and the kids. One of the best things in my life right now, is seeing Kalista and Xander run up to Tony to give him hugs! You can tell he's just as fond of them.

Brandi let me borrow a book "Wilderness Skills For Women" by Marian Jordan. It is such an awesome book! I really love it. I think the girls are going to get me this book for Christmas this year. It is just so good! I think every woman should read it, especially single ones.

This past weekend I went to a single adults conference at Pioneer Baptist Drive in Abilene. It was amazing! I really learned a lot and took a lot away from the conference. Dave Edwards is a really awesome speaker. He's funny and still gets the point across.

There you have it! An update in my crazy busy little life.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I found out this morning that I am for sure moving this Sunday! I'm so pumped I can hardly contain myself. I have so much to do! We're decorating a trailer for the Pecan Fest right after work. Well, I'm going to go decorate a float for Girl Scouts while Alexis is helping decorate a float for the cheerleaders. She won't even be on the float that I'm riding on. I'm going to try and get as much packed tonight as possible. Of course I'll be packing up a storm tomorrow after the parade until Alexis' game at 3:30. Then we'll go back to Abilene to pack as much more as possible. After church on Sunday, Cherry and Mike are going to come to my house so we can load everything up on their trailer and move me out here to beautiful Clyde! So needless to say this weekend is going to be pretty hectic! But it'll all be worth it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Where does the time go?

Sometimes when I think about Alexis and Anoe, I still picture them as babies. Well not babies, but younger than what they really are. Especially since I know ALL of their quirks! It's hard for me to accept that Alexis is 11 and Anoe is 6! Then all of a sudden Alexis will show me that she really is getting older and more mature. For example: It's totally OK with Anoe if we hold hands while we're walking around at her school, Alexis on the other hand, might let me walk next to her. Depending on how many of her friends happen to be around at the moment. Don't get me wrong, they're both super kids, Alexis just doesn't think I'm as cool as I once was. Little does she know that I really am a cool Mom. Or at least I like to think I am. Anoe totally thinks I am too.

When I drop Anoe off at school, she always gives me a kiss and says I love you. I don't even have to bribe her to kiss me! When dropping off Alexis, she sometimes blows a kiss to me, not very often though. She does wave good-bye as she walks away from the car though. Oh, and when I say I love you, she says I love you too. Even when her friends are with us. That makes my heart happy.

Friday night (Homecoming) I dropped Alexis off at the football game with one of her friends. When she got out of the car, she automatically said I love you. Before I even said it. Her friend was super sweet and said, "Thanks for the ride, Mrs. Chavez" All I could think was that I'm old! Mrs. Chavez? I'm not even married. Poor girl, I think she was just trying to be sweet. Anyways, back to my baby. I called her twice to check in and make sure she was doing OK. Every time she sounded fine and said she was having the "best night of her life!" Secretly I kept hoping she would ask me to come up there to be with her. Maybe she didn't have anyone to talk to. That never happened though. The child has more friends than she needs! It's actually a little ridiculous how popular she is. She isn't one of those popular girls that is rude and hateful to the unpopular girls either. She's really sweet to everyone. I've met a lot of her friends, so I know she's not only friends with the "popular crowd". Which is awesome. That just shows that she a good girl.

This past Saturday when I was at the Pee Wee football game (only there to cheer on Alexis of course - but our team is pretty darn good!!) I received the picture posted below. I couldn't stop looking at it. At first I wasn't sure if it was really my child. My precious child that not too long ago still needed me to help her fix her hair, brush her teeth, wash her hair, and on occasion pick out her school clothes! I'm pretty sure it is the same child though. As sad as it is.

Don't tell Alexis I told you, but she let me help her straighten her hair for this picture! See, she does still need me!! Just don't let her know.