Thursday, November 15, 2007

Embarrassing Moments

This actually happened a really long time ago but it's pretty embarrassing! Some of the details are a little fuzzy but I remember enough to relay the funny part. This happened like 9 years ago!! OK so anyways, Jennifer and I were trying to follow her boyfriend. I was driving and we were in Sweetwater. Well he came to a stop sign, and stopped then went on across the street. Well, since we were trying to catch him I went through the stop sign. A few blocks later I got pulled over. When the officer came to the window to get all the usual information. He asked me if I knew why he had pulled me over. Me being the horrible criminal I am, told him because I ran the stop sign back there? He said no. So I tried again, because my registration is out. Again the answer was no. He finally asked "What is your sister doing that you're not doing?" I said looking in the glove compartment for the insurance. I'm pretty sure by this time he either thought I was retarded or seriously blonde! He kind of rolled his eyes and said no again! I was like dang what in the world is wrong with this guy?!?!?! So finally Jennifer says wearing a seat belt. So in turn I asked him if wearing a seat belt was what he meant. Finally I guessed the right answer. I can't remember for sure but I don't think he gave me a ticket for all the extra stuff I told him I had done wrong.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Something silly about me

You know how something really small can make you feel just a little bit happier? Sometimes it's something that someone else doesn't even notice or care about. Well, I get these jokes e-mailed to me from Beliefnet. Well after you click on the link to read the actual joke there's this little face on the original e-mail that winks at you. I seriously wait for it to wink before I push the delete button. I mean I know it winks at everyone, but it makes me feel special. Like they sent me a special e-mail with a good clean joke. I know this sounds silly and weird but I really enjoy it. Some other people had posted a couple of weeks ago about some things they did that was a little weird. And I've been trying to think of something I'm not scared to let everyone know about. I don't want to scare off anyone with some of the things I say/think/do! Believe me Jennifer knows what I'm talking about. I seriously say/think/do some crazy weird stuff sometimes.