Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cheap Fun

Last Friday when I was shopping for a birthday present for Kalista I saw some glow in the dark nail polish they had out for Halloween. I bought some so the girls could paint their nails on Halloween. Well last night Anoe found it and wanted her nails to be green. I tried to explain to her that her nails wouldn't be green, they would actually glow in the dark. She thought that would be the best thing ever. So I was like whatever, let's do this. So I painted both of the girls finger nails and their toe nails as well as my finger nails. We turned off all the lights in my room but it wasn't dark enough yet so we all got in my closet and wiggles our fingers at each other. After awhile it got a little cramped in the closet so we decided to go to the bathroom. It was so much fun. The girls would take turns dancing around while we watched their feet and hands glow in the dark. We would have to turn the lights on every once in awhile so polish could re-absorb some light. We stayed in there for almost an hour playing! The girls had so much fun! And it was a really cheap fun thing to do! The polish only cost $1.67 +tax! Clean, honest, cheap fun! How much better does it get?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

One Year Anniversary

Today is my one year anniversary for working as a Court Clerk in Callahan County! I'm so excited about this. Last night I was thinking about how much I have changed in the last year. One short year ago today I was scared and nervous and didn't really think I could do this job. Now I'm pretty confident in the answers I give and answering questions. Even dealing with the people that aren't very nice. I've learned to just pray for them and not to take it personal. They're really not mad at me, but I am the one they talk to, so I'm the one that has to hear it. I was constantly in Judge Chapman's office asking him questions. It seemed like I was having to ask the same questions over and over again. I still have to ask questions every once in awhile (especially since a whole bunch of new laws just went into effect) but I'm not asking as many as I was before. I didn't think I was going to like my boss, he seemed kind of mean. But now I totally love my boss and his wife! I quickly found out after the lady that was here before left, that my boss is absolutely awesome! He even sent me a rose today and the card read Happy Anniversary. I even called him by his first name instead of Judge Chapman three times today. This was the first time I've ever called him by his first name to his face and I've only called him Roy a couple of times when talking about him to other people. I am so blessed that my sister told me about this job! And my boss is super nice to my kids! Anoe loves him to death!

So, yay me for making it this first year! I'm so excited to see what this next year brings!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Osama bin Laden

I tried to post my feelings about 9/11/01 around 5 or 6 times yesterday. I just couldn't do it. My heart breaks so much when I think what that one day has done to our Country! I remember that I was on my way back to work from dropping off Alexis at pre K. The DJ on the radio station I was on was cracking jokes about it. Of course as more light was shed on the situation all the jokes stopped. I was the manager at the Allsup's on 14th at the time. We were super busy that with everyone buying gas.

Every year I talk with the girls about what happened and why we're at war. And every year I get upset and cry a lot! Yesterday was no exception. Jennifer and I talked about it a little over lunch but she usually doesn't like to talk about that kind of stuff because of how upset I get. We were talking about what an awesome testimony it would be if Osama bin Laden came to knew God! Oh my goodness! I got so excited about the idea of bin Laden developing a relationship with God. How awesomely great would that be? So I decided that I would start praying for him. And not the usual prayer of God please show him what he is doing is wrong or for God to release a plague on him or anything. I mean I actually prayed that his eyes would be open to God and he would see that what he is doing is wrong. It was extremely hard for me to pray for him but I felt really good that I did. Of course I also prayed for all the families that lost loved ones, and the families that have lost loved ones in the war.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Being the leader I never knew I wanted to be

Last night Jennifer and I registered the girls in Girl Scouts. I was thinking it'd be a lot of fun for the girls and a great hook up on some Girl Scout cookies. I wouldn't have to look for someone selling cookies anymore! They would be living in my house! How much better does it get? Oh yeah and they would build life long friendships and learned some stuff or whatever. You know it's really all about the cookies. Well as it turns out about 50% of the girls in Alexis troop are being raised by their grandparents. This makes me sad on two different levels. 1.) What in the heck happened to my generation? Why is it so hard for the men and women my age to grow up and take care of their children? It's not our parents job to raise our children.** Not only is it hurting the kids because they don't have their Mom or Dad, but it's hurting the grandparents as well. The best thing about being a grandparent is that you're supposed to be able to spoil your grandchild and then send them home to wreck havoc! Not have to raise them!!! 2.) I got suckered into being Alexis' troop leader. I know NOTHING about Girl Scouts. Other than the cookie thing. Oh and what I saw on that movie Troop Beverly Hills but I seriously doubt I'll have anything like that happening with my troop. The lady who was the Troop Leader last year was actually Troop Leader of 3 different troops. So needless to say she's cutting back this year. I so don't blame her. She has said she'll help me with whatever I need help with and she's "only a phone call away". We are in Clyde so she seriously could be at my rescue within 2 minutes tops. Please pray that God gives me strength and guidance! I don't want this to be known as the worst year or troop ever because I have no clue what is going on!

Alexis will be a "Junior", Anoe will be a "Brownie", and Kalista will be a "Daisy"! Everyone is excited! I think all in all this is going to be good for them as well as me. I really do want to get involved in the community more, so here's my first step. Just be prepared to buy some Girl Scout cookies whenever it's time!

**Disclaimer - If the parents have passed away or are in the military I totally understand why the grandparents are raising their grandchildren. I just don't understand the ones who think it's more important to get drunk or high than raising their children. But on the other hand it's probably better that they live with their grandparents instead of being abused. I have so many different feelings on this subject!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day weekend

I was planning on the Labor Day weekend being full of rest and relaxation! I borrowed a book from Jennifer and was planning on reading the entire weekend. Yeah I only got to read a little bit Monday evening.

I woke up around 6:30 on Saturday for some crazy reason. Usually Anoe is up by 7:00 am on the weekends so I thought I would just stay up since she should be waking up soon. She didn't wake up until 9:00!!! That's amazing for Anoe. About 11 o'clock we went to Shoe Carnival so I could get the girls some shoes. There were so many crickets and beetles on the side of the building you couldn't even see the paint! It was the grossest thing ever. I do not like bugs at all. So of course I was seriously rethinking going inside the store. Alexis held one hand and Anoe held my other hand and they walked me in the store. Alexis had to let go of my hand at one point so she could open the door so I didn't have to stop walking at all. I was so freaked out! My friend Laura, that also lives at HHC met me at Shoe Carnival. When I was done we all went to Target. She needed to get her kids some long sleeve shirts and I wanted to get mine some more panties and socks. Target is just down the road from Shoe Carnival and there were NO crickets there. It was crazy. So for lunch we deciced to go to Chili's. I really felt bad for our waiter. He was really being over worked. Or at least that's my excuse for his poor waiting habits. Saturday afternoon I totally rearranged our rooms. I totally changed rooms with the girls! I really like the change so far. For dinner we made homemade pizzas. The girls loved it and it was actually a pretty cheap meal. And so much fun!

After church on Sunday I went and got some chicken and we had a picnic at my house. It was a lot of fun too. Everyone really liked it until the mosquitos came out. Jennifer helped me finish up my room and she took Anoe with her to Clyde for a little while. After I finished my laundry Alexis and I went out to Clyde to hang out with Jennifer and Kalista. (Xander was with his dad.) We came home around 11 o'clock. I thought we would go straight to bed, but Anoe put Are We Done Yet? on and I stayed up until it was over.

My Step-Mom called me pretty early Monday morning so I didn't really get to sleep in but that was ok. We ended up going out to Sweetwater for a little bit. I got to help my brother put trim up around the windows outside. It was pretty fun also.

All in all, we had a really awesome weekend! Hope everyone else did too!

Monday, September 3, 2007

First Week of School

So this week has been an extremely busy week! The girls started school, I was really sick one day, and I've actually been having to do work at work. What the heck? Usually I do a little work, read some blogs, do a little work, do whatever, you know just work at my own pace so I don't run out of stuff to do. I was off Monday for the kids first day, so of course Tuesday was pretty busy. Then on Wednesday morning I started feeling a little nauseous. I felt that way all day. I started actually getting sick later in the day. It was the worse day ever. When I got home I fixed a plate of Pizza Rolls for the kids and when they were done I went to bed. I was asleep by 7:15 pm. I totally expected to wake up to some pretty horrible messes the next morning. But my sweet and kind Alexis picked up ALL the messes Anoe had made! Alexis is so sweet to me when I'm sick.

But on to the first week of school...

Anoe- LOVES school! She's made some new friends and is really enjoying herself. The first couple of days were a little rough after school, but she's getting used to all the new rules and stuff. On the first day of school I picked Anoe up from school and took some pictures of her, then we went to Alexis school so we could pick her up. When Alexis came up we went up to her so I could take some pictures of her too. Anoe was so excited to see her she was hugging her so hard it was hurting Alexis. Alexis tried telling her to stop but Anoe wasn't stopping. So Alexis finally had to push her off and Anoe fell to the ground. Anoe got mad because Alexis had "choked" and pushed her. (Anoe really can be such a drama queen sometimes!) So Alexis wanted me to meet her new friend, but Anoe crossed her arms across her chest and took off running to the car. We parked in the parking lot on the school property but you have to cross the "street" to get to it. Instead of meeting Alexis new friend I had to chase down Anoe and scold her about running out in the street. The next day of after-school wasn't any easier! After the bus drops them off 1/2 a block away they come to my work for snacks and if I can remember to bring "play" clothes they change. On Tuesday after work we all go to the Library since they're open til 6 on Tuesdays. So when the 5 o'clock bells ring Anoe takes off and runs across the street again! Alexis and I are following her so that I can talk to Anoe again about why she shouldn't cross the street without looking and that stuff. Instead of going to the Library Anoe turns the corner to go to Jennifer's house. Alexis and I just keep going to the Library and Anoe follows us when she realizes we're not following her anymore. I make the girls take turns on who will be able to borrow a movie from the Library. The last two times Anoe had got the movie so I told her it was Alexis turn this time but she could get a book if she wanted. She got mad and yelled at me IN THE library! Can I tell you how much that upset me? So I take her outside and Jennifer and her kids are walking up to go to the Library so I ask Jennifer if Alexis can go in with her so she doesn't have to punished for Anoe. I grab Anoe by the hand and we start walking back to my work. By this time Anoe has earned 2 pops and she crying because she doesn't want them and she wants to get a movie. I'm just like whatever just get in the car. Well as I'm getting all of our stuff in the car Anoe goes up on the sidewalk and starts crying even louder. The police station is now located right next to my work, and all the police people on duty come out to see what is going on. I told them it was just my daughter throwing a fit. They thought someone had gotten hurt. I was thinking in my head, "Oh's she's going to be hurt" but of course I didn't say that to him. So anyways, back to the police officer. He's talking to Anoe and asks her if she wants to come in the police station to look at the drug dog. Anoe says yes and in we go. While we're in the police station the Police Chief is asking her questions like what grade is she in, how old is she, does she like school. You know all questions that she should be able to answer easily. Oh no not my Anoe! She keeps shrugging her shoulders and saying I don't know. She kept trying to touch stuff on the secretary's desk and I told her no. Then she yelled at me "You're going to make me mad!" The police officer asked her why she was going to get mad at her Mom and she said "Because she's mean!" I was so embarrassed! When we finally got in the car I was fuming! I drove to the library to see if Alexis was ready to leave yet. Jennifer said she could stay the night so Anoe and I left. Anoe cried the entire way home! I was so mad I couldn't even talk to her. I just kept praying God would help me. My step-mom called and wanted to know if we wanted to meet for dinner since she was in town. Anoe and I went, and my brother and his wife came also. It was fun. Symantha pretty much maintained Anoe so I didn't have to deal with her. When we did get home Anoe had to go to her room and I stayed out in the living room watching TV. I still couldn't bring myself to pop Anoe. I was still so mad with her.

The rest of the week went a ot better! I think she had to get used to all the new stuff. She's been going to the same daycare since she was two. So this whole starting school is a major thing in her world. At daycare the kids took a 2 1/2 to 3 hour nap every day and now at school they only have a 30 minute rest period. It takes Anoe at least 30 minutes to just calm down and get settled. So I know she's not taking a nap anymore. I'm really trying to take all this in consideration, but sometimes it's so hard!

Alexis- Loves her new school. Of course she has a lot of new friends. She is a social butterfly after all. Her teacher is super sweet and she really likes everything about her new school. On the first day of school as we were chasing Anoe across the street she said "This was the best day ever!" I was so happy to hear that. I've been so worried about how the whole move would affect her. (In retrospect I should have been worrying a little more about Anoe) Alexis made friends with a little boy that she kind of knew from church. His name is Trenton. (I'm not sure if I spelled his name right) They've talked on the phone everyday since Tuesday! He even sat with her during worship on Sunday. There's really not much to tell about Alexis first week of school. Pretty uneventful. She's really happy and everything is going good so far!