Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Today I went to Curves to exercise for the first time at lunch! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be either. The way they have it set up is really kind of cool. Between working out everyday durning lunch (except Thursdays) and my new diet, I should be ready for the beach this summer. YAY!! And I guess I'll have to go shopping so I can have cute clothes that fit the new me this summer! How fun!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Play on words

The other day Alexis was taking forever to do something, and I kept telling her to hurry up! Well after like the sixth time of me telling her to hurry up, she said "Just give me a sec, Mom!" In return I told her "I've given you plenty of secs!" We just looked at each other and busted out laughing!

How in the world does she know what that means? She says it's because she watched CSI. I was so embarrassed!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

More Blessings

Ever since I bought my car from Jennifer the driver side windshield wiper has been messed up! Sometimes it will go all the way up and back down, other times it only a third of the way up then back down, and other times it goes all the way OFF the windshield and gets stuck on the side view mirror! It's hilarous to see, just not when it's raining!

So yesterday I decided that I was going to take the car to the shop and get it fixed. I budgeted $100 for this. (I thought maybe it was the motor, but remember I'm lucky that I even know how to put gas in the car!) So anyways, I'm down at the auto repair shop and this awesomely sweet older man comes out to look at my car. He takes some cover thing off, says "Hold on let me get my wrench". So of I wait, he comes back turns the wrench two or three times and it's fixed!!! And he didn't charge me!

So I'm like well I just saved $100 so I'll go ahead and get the front brakes fixed. I left my car there and went shopping with Jennifer. Around 5 I called to check up on my car, and he said my brakes were fine! With the moisture we've been getting there's some rust build up but the brakes are practically brand new! He didn't charge me for looking at the car again. He also checked the back brakes, and my air conditioner!

I love saving money on stuff like that so I can go shopping!

Monday, March 19, 2007


I've come to realize that I rarely post about my beautiful Anoe. She's awesome! Friday night she got to go to her Uncle Chad and Aunt Lisa's house to stay the night with her dad. She had a lot of fun. I'm really glad. Her cousins really missed her.

Then on Saturday after I picked her up we went to eat at Mr. Gattis! Every kids dream come true. She played all kinds of games with Kalista and Xander. We even saw a really awesome couple from church there. That was pretty cool.

Then at dinner, I noticed she had her first loose tooth! I was so excited. She's been wanting the tooth fairy to bring her money. So that was pretty exciting. After dinner we all (Jennifer, her kids, Anoe, and me) all got in her beautiful new car and went to the drive in to watch Bridge to Terabithia. Anoe pulled her tooth out during the movie! I mean dang she's suppose to have a loose tooth for more than 6 hours before it comes out. Not my Anoe, she was to excited to get some money! And of course it was lost by Monday morning. But hey she was happy and I love to see her smile!

And last but by no means least! I taught her how to spell foot this morning. Before we even got done putting her shoes on she was spelling it backwards. This kid is amazing!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Update on Alexis

I am scheduled to go back to court on March 20th with Alexis dad. I'm kind of nervous but nothing major. Jason spoke to a lawyer and was told as long as I'm supportive of him not going to jail, the judge probably won't revoke him. And I totally don't want him in jail. Alexis is actually going over there tonight and won't be home until Sunday morning in time for church. She was suppose to go last night but she didn't want to miss Life Group. She loves going to Life Group! Her favorite part is worship with prayer next. But of course all the playing with Jocie and Melody (except last night because Melody was sick) are pretty high up on her list!

Back in February we (me and all of Alexis' teachers) had an ARD meeting. We decided to test Alexis for Scotopic Sensitivity. Well everything that I thought was just Alexis playing and not wanting to do her homework were actually signs of Scotopic sensitivity. Yeah good Mom! OK so anyways, she now has a really neat little green overlay to use so she can read better. It really is kind of neat how much something so simple helps her! I'm so thankful for technology!

Oh and to brag on Anoe! She can count backwards from 5 with her eyes closed! Oh yeah that's right with her eyes closed! OK now most people don't think that's such an accomplishment but to a 5 year old it's great!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Child Support (part 2)

Yesterday morning Heather (Alexis' step-mom) called me and wanted me to call her after work so we could discuss the whole child support issue. I was super nervous, of course. Well on my way home when I called, I asked her if she and Jason had talked about him signing over his rights. She said she did bring it up to him but he automatically said NO it was not an option! That made my heart so happy! I know he's going to have to sacrifice for her, and I understand it's going to be hard. But I really see him in a new way! I knew he cared for her, but now I really feel that he loves her like a father should love their child. Almost like I do.

God took care of this situation perfectly. As always of course. I love my God and am so grateful he loves me even when I feel doubt or fear or anything else that does not line up with the word of God!