Thursday, July 31, 2008

Checks in the mail!

Anoe's dad (Scott) has only paid child support 3 maybe 4 times since we went to court around the time that she was 6 months old or so. He tells me all the time that the Attorney General has taken money out of his paycheck so I should be receiving a check soon. I never ever hold my breath for the these checks. I have a better chance of winning the lottery (and I don't play the lottery!) than actually receiving a check from him. Well, last night when I was going through my mail I did receive a check from him! It's in the amount of $86.54! I'm super pumped about this. I'm going to use it to buy the girls some shoes before school starts.

I also received a bill from the Doctor yesterday for almost $800 from when I had surgery. My insurance was supposed to pay for my surgery, so please pray that the whole doctor bill works itself out! I'm really praying there was just a mess up somewhere. I paid my 10% before the surgery like I was supposed to. And the Doctor's office checked with my insurance company to make sure the procedure would be covered. I did get a statement from my insurance company showing they had paid a portion of it, but the statement said that I would not be responsible for the portion the insurance company did not pay.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lots of stuff

I have a couple of different things I've been wanting to blog about. I've just been so busy at work lately. It's really weird, we haven't had very many tickets but on the Civil side I've been swamped! Anoe got an extremely cute hair cut. I of course still don't have any pictures because that's how I roll. Alexis got her nails done. They're kind of like a french manicure except the tips are green instead of white. I think I'm going to let her get them filled once before she has to take them off for schoo. This past Saturday Jennifer found a dress for Alexis to wear to her wedding that matches the colors of Jennifer's dress! The best part is that the dress was only $4.99!!! Alexis looks super cute in it too. I didn't even think to take a picture of her in it when she tried it on Sunday.

I joined Weight Watchers on July 8th. That first week I lost an eighth of a pound, but the next week I gained 1.6 pounds! I pretty much knew I gained that week before I even went in to weight though. I totally cheated that weekend and ate right before going to the WW meeting. But, yesterday when I went in I lost 4.6 pounds! That's just in one week! Eating all those Boca burgers and Special K are really paying off! I lost 4.6 pounds even with going to Olive Garden and the movies Friday night. At Olive Garden I had the Apricot Chicken. It was so good! And only cost me 7 points. And I only had 1 bread stick with my meal. Talk about self control. Christy and I went to see The Dark Knight. I had a junior size popcorn with no butter and water. The movie was so good. I usually do not like the whole Batman thing, but this one was different. I definitely want to go see it again! It was just so intense.

The church picnic on Sunday was pretty awesome. I made some potato salad for the picnic. A little secret about my potato salad - it was a weight watchers recipe! And it tasted pretty good. I'm actually having a lot of fun with Weight Watchers and all the different recipes.

Besides work, everything has been super boring in my life lately. Oh! I did buy some super cheap tickets to Hawaiian Falls in Mansfield.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My 4th of July celebrations

I know I'm a few days late, but I've been super busy lately at work and I don't usually blog from home because I try to spend that time with my kids. OK, so usually that means I'm cooking or cleaning up after my kids. But either way I just don't have the time to spend lots of time on the computer once I get home. Anyways! Back to my 4th of July.

Cherry invited the girls and me to go over to her sister-in-laws house with her to have a BBQ and let the kids swim. I made 3 Fourth of July cakes! I only took pictures of two of them though. The two that I did take pictures of were made with cherries for the red stripes! I've seen some cakes that use blueberries for the blue area and raspberries for the red stripes but I don't really prefer either of those fruits so I switched it up to fit my tastes. I took just regular white frosting and added food coloring to make it a nice shade of blue and then I put 50 white dots to represent the stars on the American flag. And there are 7 rows of cherries and 6 rows of white icing, which is also the way the American flag is set up. It took a little bit longer than I thought it would to decorate all 3 cakes but it was a lot of fun! The girls really enjoyed helping me make it too. On the third cake I used sliced strawberries for the red stripes. (That's the one I didn't take a picture of) I spread white icing on the entire cake first, then marked off where the blue icing was going to go, then I spread whip cream over the rest of the cake. It was super good! I took the strawberry cake with me to Jennifer's Friday evening.

Jennifer, her family and my family all went to watch the fireworks at Nelson Park. It was really good. After the fireworks were done, my brother called to see what we were doing and said the girls and I could come over if we wanted. A neighbor of theirs that lives across the street were having a party and they were watching them to see how long it took for the police to come. Alexis and I thought it would be a lot of fun, so we went over there. It was so much fun watching them. They were lighting fire works, which is illegal in the city limits, then at one point they were shooting some kind of firework at each other. They didn't really look old enough to be drinking, but they were.

I spent the rest of the weekend in Sweetwater working at my Mom's miniature golf course. All in all it was a great weekend though. This Saturday we're going to NRH2O again! Went twice last year and it was so much fun!