Wednesday, August 20, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I got a bill in the mail for the surgery I had back in June. The bill said I owed $898.68. At first I didn't know what to do, I thought my surgery was going to take care of it all. I called and spoke with someone with my insurance company and they said that part of the procedure was elective, so my insurance didn't cover it. I was like what? How could it be elective? It was part of the procedure. But I was like, OK. This will be OK, it'll all work out. I was of course really stressing out about it because I really can not afford another bill right now.

This Sunday I was blessed at church. I calling my doctor's office to see if they would allow me to make payments if I was able to pay a large portion up front. The nurse at Dr. Harrison's gave me the billing departments number so I could talk to them to see why my insurance didn't cover my procedure and to see about what payment arrangements could be set up. The lady I talked to was super nice. She took down my info and said she would call me back after she was able to pull my file and check into what my insurance allows and everything. I didn't hear back from her yesterday so I called her back this morning. She said that she had forgotten to call me back, but she did call the ladies in Oklahoma that are in charge of actually entering the money but they were having issues with their phones yesterday so she wasn't able to talk to them. She said she would call them again and call me right back. She called back about 10 minutes later and said the lady in Oklahoma was at lunch but she would call me after lunch to let me know what could be done.

I was really praying they would lower the amount to what I actually had, and let me settle for that. Well, she called me back this afternoon about 1:30 and said that I only owe $8.72!!!! I paid that while we were on the phone. So now I have a $0.00 balance! This was such a blessing for me!

Monday I was blessed with a really cool black table for when I move and kitchen stuff! I love it when God shows off! What Brandon said is true, it's impossible to out give God!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fashion model

Last Friday I was a fashion model for Hendrick Home for Children! It was a blast! I wore a super cute outfit from Stein Mart with the most awesome purse ever! We had the oppurtunity of buying the outfit for 25% off if we wanted it. I did not buy the outfit. The skirt I wore was a little loose, and with me losing weight I didn't see the point in spending all that money on a skirt I could only wear for a little bit. But I did go and buy the purse Friday evening after Alexis and I were done shopping for her school clothes. I absolutely LOVE this purse. It just makes me feel more confident. I know that sounds weird or whatever, but it does make me feel more confident and pretty. I really wanted to take it with me to church yesterday but I didn't want it to get messed up with the rain. And I was lazy and I didn't switch everything over from my other purse. Actually to be honest, Anoe switched everything for me last night. She got to have my old purse and I was taking too long to empty it out.

This is actually my 100th post and I really was planning on posting some type of list of 100 things, but the purse is way better than any ol' silly list about a whole bunch of stuff about me.

I am for sure moving out to Clyde in January. A little scary but it'll be OK, I think. I've already started getting everything I'll need to furnish my new house. All I need to get now are a dresser for Alexis and myself, a kitchen table, and some kitchen supplies to cook with! I bought a couch and love seat earlier this summer, a bed for me earlier this year, a headboard for the bed I have now that Alexis will have when we move, and a twin size bed for Anoe! Anoe's bed came with a comforter and rug and curtain. They're all girlly, so I talked to my Mom and she's going to make Anoe a canopy for her new bed out of basketball material. Anoe loves anything to do with basketball, so she'll just love it! We're also going to make her a comforter out of basketball material. I'll probably just try to find some orange or black sheets to match the comforter. I'm totally pumped about Anoe having her own room when we move. The girls have always had to share, or Anoe sleeps in my room. I'm really hoping we're able to get a 3 bedroom house when we move so they don't have to share anymore!

If you happen to know of anyone that is getting rid of any dressers or kitchen stuff at a reasonable price, please let me know! I'm storing as much as I can in Jennifer storage unit for now. I just know it's going to be so expensive to move in January, the more I can get now the less I'll have to stress about then!