Thursday, February 12, 2009

Famous Daves

Tuesday night Jennifer took me out for dinner at Famous Daves! It was so good. Our meal was actually served on a metal trash can lid!!! It was the best! I think it's called the All American Feast or something like that. The food was super good. But the best part was the food being served on a trash can lid! I loved it!!! I'm seriously thinking of buying one for at home. Wouldn't that be so cool? Maybe next week for Life Group I can make something to take on my new trash can lid. Hmmmmmmm.......I'm gonna see what I can do to accomplish this!!!!!!!!!

OH! I almost forgot! This Friday my troop is having their last Cookie Booth Sale! Which means after Monday the only cookies that should be in my house are ones that my family have bought for our own personal consumption!!!! I'm so sick of having cases and cases of Girl Scout cookies in my living room!!! I can't wait to be done with the whole thing!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being Blessed

Lately I have really been struggling with some stuff. It's been pretty bad. I've even been questioning why I attend church and a bunch of other stuff. In the end I always know God is good and loves me! Sometimes it just doesn't seem that way. When I start feeling super down and start asking why did God forget me, I think of other people and their situations and realize that God has not forgotten me. There are so many worse situations that I could be in! For example, I could still be with Anoe's dad. Yes that would mean that I am not single, but that would also mean I am in a horribly ugly relationship. I know it's better to be single than in that type of relationship, but dang it right now I just want a freakin' boyfriend! It doesn't even have to be serious, just someone to hang out with.

So, like I said I'm dealing with a lot of emotional stuff right now. A couple of weeks ago I realized that I had not even held hands with a man even once during the last year. Yes I held hands with a couple of different men while praying, but I mean I haven't held a man's hand in an intimate way in over a year!!!! That was really messing with me. Instead of being upset about it, I prayed that God would help me and be my strength through all this. One night I cried for at least an hour telling God how much I loved him and how much I needed him. It was actually so freeing! It was amazing.

Today is the day I have been dreading for a few weeks, it's my birthday. I just knew it was going to be a horrible day. But I woke up in a pretty good mood. As good of a mood that can be accomplished at 5:40 in the morning after having a restless nights sleep anyways. As soon as I woke the girls up this morning, they ran into the living to get my presents that they wrapped for me last night. Anoe have me a 4 pack of Trident gum and a box of Sweetheart candies (she picked out her gifts all by herself), and Alexis gave me a black wire bowl I told her I wanted for my coffee table! It was awesome. I received 2 text messages this morning wishing me a happy birthday then when I got to work, Roy (my boss) gave me a card full of post its!!!! It was perfect. I love post its! He got me 6 pads! And they're all cool colors and some of them have cute little flowers!

At lunch Jennifer and I went to Abilene to meet up with Cherry, Brandi, and Rachel for lunch. We ate at Jason's Deli, which was amazing! Cherry bought me a lemon cake (one of my favorite deserts) and wrought iron cross, and gave me 2 CD's. Brandi gave me a card that made me cry! I felt so blessed! And loved!

This has seriously been the best birthday ever! I think the only thing that could of made this birthday any better would be if it were cloudy and rainy! Oh wait! Clouds are starting to build up around Clyde! I even just heard some thunder! I'm so God's favorite today!!!