Friday, March 27, 2009

In the know

Alexis stayed with a friend last night so it was just Anoe and me this morning. We went to the doughnut shop for breakfast. While we were eating Anoe was telling me ALL about the 1st drama that has been going on. She made me promise that I wouldn't tell anyone. This kind of info is highly classified. So, what I'm about to do is serious. I could receive several dirty looks and maybe even a cold shoulder or two for what I'm about to do! So brace yourselves. I'm going to tell you one of the secrets Anoe told me. I know you're wondering right now, how in the world can I live with myself if I actually do this. It'll be rough, but I'm sure I'll make it. If not.........well I don't know. But seeing how Anoe doesn't even know I have a blog, I doubt she'll ever know I told this secret. Unless someone tells her. I'm willing to take that chance though.

To protect some of the people in this story that are not related to me, I will only use initials. Anoe was telling that this girl, K, who is having her birthday party this Saturday at the local Dirty Queen oh wait I meant Dairy Queen. My bad. Anyways, this little girl has a huge crush on my nephew, Xander! Anoe told me that K asks Anoe everyday what Xander is wearing, does he have his glasses on, did he bring his backpack. Anoe also told me that K said hi to Xander once and Xander didn't pay attention to her. Typical Xander. I can just hear Xander now if we were to tell him that K has a crush on him "Besides she's a girl" or something cute like that. He cracks me up! I'm definitely not allowed to tell Xander K has a crush on him. That would definitely break all the rules then. Anoe said that it irritates her that K likes Xander though. That's all K wants to talk about. Poor Anoe, she doesn't realize how cute Xander is. To Anoe he's just her best friend.

Of course there was other stuff she told me about, but I just thought this was cute. The other stuff was kind of hard to follow too. I wasn't really paying attention the entire time. I just kind of nod and say yeah every so often. If you've ever spent time with Anoe, then you know how much that child loves to talk!

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